Guiding Principles for Competition

Guiding Principles represent the ideals of how Ringette is intended to be played and experienced. They serve as a guide when difficult decisions regarding the structure of competition need to be made.

The following Guiding Principles inform how we plan and format competition in Ringette:

  1. Ringette experiences are meaningful for all participants and teams from the beginning to the end of each season.
  2. Ringette is always a fun, positive experience.
  3. Every ringette participant, coach, official, volunteer and administrator has an opportunity to improve.
  4. The system of competition (tournaments, leagues and championships) supports each participant in seeking their level of personal excellence based on their definition of success. Participants can choose to enroll in a program which places them on the excellence pathway.
  5. Nobody is disadvantaged by playing at a “lower” level. Participants are provided access to appropriate development pathways to progress to a “higher” level if they desire.
  6. The system of competition supports and rewards LTAD-based training informed by Ringette Canada’s Athlete Development Matrix.
  7. Competition reflects the True Sport Principles and the values of Ringette Canada.


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Organizations that have taken the pledge:

Ringette Canada


Provincial Ringette Organizations:

Ringette British Columbia

Ringette Alberta

Ringette Manitoba

Ringette New Brunswick

Ringette Nova Scotia

Ringette Prince Edward Island

Ringette Saskatchewan

Local Ringette Organizations:

Bow View Ringette Association

Calgary-East (Cal-East) Ringette Association

Edmonton Ringette Club

Nepean Ringette Association

Red Deer Ringette

Spruce Grove Ringette Association