Competition Review

Ringette Canada’s Competition Review was an extensive process which took place over approximately two years, provided multiple opportunities for stakeholder input, and ensured broader system alignment while the Long-Term Athlete Development Essentials and Ringette Canada High Performance Plan were developed.

Executive Summary

Ringette Canada has been a leader in long-term athlete development (LTAD), aligning coaching and officiating programs to LTAD stages, and creating quality resources to support key leaders. The completion of the Competition Review represents an important next step in ensuring quality sport experiences for ringette participants of all ages and in all stages of development. Ringette Canada’s system is not broken, however an analysis of existing competitions and programs across the system is required in order to increase alignment and ensure that they are developmentally appropriate.

This report represents a starting point for Ringette Canada and its members to re-shape the system of competition for the future. The report lists 61 recommendations for how the system of competition and other aspects of ringette programs can be adjusted to better structure the sport to support the long-term development of participants. Many of these recommendations are inter-dependant. In some instances, one series of recommendations must be completed in order for the next series of recommendations to be implemented.

This report is intended to support staff, volunteers, and working groups in the design of programs and policies. It will be incumbent on the individuals and groups representing Ringette Canada and Provincial and Local Associations to transform the recommendations into action.

The Competition Review and Restructuring Report can be viewed and downloaded here.